Marily Zamora

Marily Zamora, founder of Browmorphosis beauty, found her passion in Microblading and permanent make-up as she realized it came naturally for her, and that these treatments gave people an instant long-lasting gratification on their appearance.
Marily became obsessed with perfecting her Microblading technique so she trained extensively with the best academies to have the best techniques in her arsenal. Since 2017 she has continuously trained and worked, and continues to produce quality work and satisfied clients. What this means is that you can proceed with confidence as she is well trained, experienced, and has demonstrated exceptional abilities in her craft. Now, she has developed her own trademark style that is unique to each and every client, and that will last beautifully for years to come.

Training and Experience

First of all I want you to know that I take microblading your eyebrows and any other permanent makeup procedure very seriously. For I know how important the outcome is when doing something permanent to your face. I treat your face as my own. My purpose is to give you your most beautiful brows ever so that you feel confident, beautiful, and you won’t have to struggle with them ever again.

Fun fact: Since i was a young girl i would “fix people’s eyebrows in my head”. Art was always my favorite subject in school, and eventually I received a B.A. Degree in Art History. While in school, I also worked as a Makeup Artist in retail and theatre. Never did i imagine all of this was going to prepare me for creating beautiful brows. As you see, beauty, art, and all things visual have always been part of who I am.

My drive to offer quality Microblading and Permanent makeup services has got me to obtain 6 certifications. I have three certifications from the prestigious PhiAcademy; PhiBrows, PhiShading, and BoldBrows, and I’m also certified in Powder Brows, Ombre Brows, and Lip Blush with Seduire Academy.

Throughout the years I have created 500+ procedures, so rest assured that I’ve seen it all and I can confidently do anything and anyone.


Browmorphosis Beauty is a beautiful microblading studio in the heart of Santa Cruz County, on 41st Avenue across from Capitola Mall. Our studio is modern, open, and clean, certified by the Department of Environmental Health, and by OSHA, meaning that our space and our practice meets the highest standards to assure your health and safety. A clean studio and sterile one-time-use materials are essential for a beautiful and successful procedure.